'Assimilation of our Aborigines'

One page flyer, Segregation is the alternative, in many cases tribal associations are slight or non-existent, simple modern dwellings are provided, the Ward's Employment ordinance.

Issued in association with a 12 set of B&W photographs each with a short explanation of the scene depicted (these are described below):

Illustrated pouch for photographs. Head of Australian Aboriginal man on front cover, hand drawing in sand on inside cover;
1. Two Australian Aboriginal men
2. Group photograph Three Australian Aboriginal men seated in camp
3. Group photograph Australian Aboriginal family of five
4. Early Aboriginal housing
5. Erecting a modern dwelling in Warrabri
6. Nurse bathing child with Aboriginal family observing
7. Typical school building
8. Teacher with students
9. Police sargent with 'Black tracker' (Australian Aboriginal man)
10. Working a tractor at Delissaville
11. Two Australian Aboriginal men operating a film projector
12. A student at university

CreatorPastor Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht
ControlAA 662/86/2/8b
Date Range1949  -  1958
Quantity   27   14 Correspondence pages,1 printed page, 12 photographs
Series AA 662/086