'Finke River Mission, Hermannsburg.'

Welfare Branch NT Administration.


Dates and people/organisations mentioned in the story. Face page annotated for Charles Duguid (See AA 79). Locality map for Hermannsburg, 'A survey of the first 50 years', Rev. Kempe, Rev. Schwarz, Mr Mirus, Goyder, Rev. Schulze, Baron von Mueller, date seeds, Aranda tribe, Royal Geographical Society (See AA 775), Missionary Freiboth, Rev. C Strehlow (See AA 315), rainfall summary 1897-1908, Drought 1926-29, scurvey, Koporilja Spring, Army Labour Battallion, Wailbris tribe, Pitjantjara tribe, Pintubis tribe, Ngalias tribe, Luritjas tribe.

Other copies; perhaps draft, amended or published, or in German (AA 662/87), may be available in the various correspondence series.

Tindale Tribes: Aranda; Walpiri; Pitjandjara; Kukatja (NT).

CreatorPastor Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht
ControlAA 662/86/6/2
Date Range01 January, 1897  -  01 March, 1961
Quantity   90   Correspondence pages
Series AA 662/086