Notes on various scraps of reused paper, purpose unknown

Dates and people/organisations mentioned. Carl Strehlow died Hermannsburg 10 October 1922. He was buried by PF Hoy, aged 50 years and after 28 years service. Arrival of other people: P Heuget 1905; Liber 1911; Ridle 1923. New Bethlem church at Hermannsburg opened 12 November by Rev. J Kempe. Bethelem Church at Hermannsburg, H Kempe, G Stolz, KE Helby, AK Drew, P Heinrich left 1 October 1932; P Gross at Hermannsburg between September 1939 and August 1958. P W Herer at Hermannsburg from August 1958 to January 1964. Baden (Australian Aboriginal man), Joel (Australian Aboriginal man), Colin (Australian Aboriginal man), Leo (Australian Aboriginal man), Peter (Australian Aboriginal man, arrived Areyonga 26 July 1932), Moses (Australian Aboriginal man), Ljinga (Australian Aboriginal woman, married Moses 1903), Rufus (Australian Aboriginal man, died 1929), Martin (Australian Aboriginal man, born 1891), Titus (Australian Aboriginal Man, baptised by WE Wettengel 25 December 1905, then aged 22 years).

Art: 1936 Abel's fist painting sold for 5 shillings: 1938 first exhabition at gills Find Art Gallery, Melbourne, 41 water colours all sold; 1939 next exhabition planned for Adelaide; November 1948 exhabigtion in Melbourne 46 water colours sold for total of 1519 pounds, prices ranged from 18 to 55 guineas.

CreatorPastor Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht
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