Feuerbach, CA Geemanns Runftlermappen 3

Biblical works of art

Text pages 1-5:

"Unfelm Seuerbach Leipzig Berlag von CU Geemann"; Small B&W print "Rinderfrandchen Gabt. Mujeum, leipzig" then text ending with small B&W child painter (336); Index of color prints.

Color prints 1-8:

118x264 mm naked woman in tree, 2 children at ease under it;
163x256 mm woman with vase and naked child at the beach;
165x255 mm Woman in white seated looking at the sea;
297x131 mm Men launch boat while women and child watch;
151x256 mm family and slave relax on steps;
266x130 naked children play near water;
223x189 mm Woman nursing baby, children relax playing with rabbits;
243x174 mm Man seated with reading woman.

CreatorPastor Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht
ControlAA 662/94/19
Quantity   14   Booklet of 6 Correspondence pages of text, 8 colour prints
FormatsMounted Works of Art, Drawings
Series AA 662/094