Papers, correspondence and photographs relating to Central Australia and the Kramer family

Archive Collections / Kramer, Ernest Eugene & Euphemia / Series AA669/06 / Papers, correspondence and photographs relating to Central Australia and the Kramer family

This series includes the following items:

  1. South Australian Parliamentary Paper No. 179 of 1892: 'Triangulation of N.W.Portion of South Australia.' Brief report of Carruthers' expeditions in 1888, 1889, 1890 of Everard, Musgrave, Mann and Tomkinson Ranges.

  2. EE Kramer's Swiss passport that includes testimonials about his work in Central Australia, and in in Oodnadatta, South Australia, during the 1919 influenza epidemic.

  3. Typescript 'Aborigines' Friends' Association (see AA 1). Report of Mr Kramer's visit to Tennants Creek.' 1934.

  4. Envelope marked 'Personal. Various Photos 8/11/54' which contains 7 black and white photographic prints.

  5. Envelope marked 'Christmas Cards Ernabella Sept Visit 1952' containing one black and white photograph of a school [?] group, and two painted Christmas cards, one by Muwitjanya, the other by Lutjinya. Both cards have Pitjanjatjara translations of lines of Christmas carols inside.

  6. Correspondence to Euphemia Kramer, including: letter with enclosures from Ernest E Kramer from Kerang in 1941; letter from Frieda Strehlow, 10 March 1939; letter from Isabel McCoy, 12 December 1932, which includes a description of the 'Bungalow' at Alice Springs Telegraph Station, Northern Territory, and news of people living there; and other letters, including from family members. Some undated.

  7. 'Eternal Life in the Condemned Cell' by Euphemia Kramer. Typescript.

  8. Envelope of clippings of printed illustrations of Central Australian Aboriginal people, and one of the Kramer family, from Aborigines' Friends' Association publications.

  9. Copy of typed translation of Hymns headed 'Aranda - Central Australia.'

  10. Botanical specimen (unidentified).

  11. Mounted photograph of a woman in nursing uniform. Possibly Euphemia or Mary Kramer.

  12. Other papers, including newspaper cuttings.

  13. Cardboard bearing inscription: 'Very old file owned/used by the late Ernest E Kramer Missionary to our Black friends who was situated at Alice Springs but travelled approx 500 miles radius of that town (on camels) for 21 years.' 1913-1934.

This series contains references to the following regions of South Australia: North West; North Central.

This series contains references to: Northern Territory.

This series includes reference to the following named group: Pitjanjatjara.

Corresponding Tindale Tribes: Pitjandjara.

Corresponding AIATSIS Tribal/language Groups: Pitjantjatjara.

CreatorKramer, Ernest Eugene & Euphemia
ControlAA 669/6/1-13
Date Range1892  -  1990
Quantity 2cm,   1   Albox album
FormatsNewspaper Clippings, Newspaper Clippings, General Correspondence, Loose Photographic Prints, Mounted Photographic Prints, Loose Notes
Series AA669/06
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