Photographs and other illustrations from Point McLeay Mission

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This item contains 40 historical photographs and postcards from the Point McLeay Mission (SA) depicting the village, mission buildings, wool washing, shearers, sail boats and the jetty. Almost all of the photographs bear handwritten annotations. They are listed as follows:

  1. Buildings at Point McLeay showing from left to right the church, missioners cottage and dormitory.

  2. 'Photo taken from Lovers Lane looking down onto the town'.

  3. Landscape photograph of buildings at Point McLeay.

  4. Buildings at Point McLeay including the church which was built by Aboriginal people in 1868, missionary's cottage, and the children's dormitory both built in 1859.

  5. Point McLeay village in 'early to mid 1800's'.

  6. 'First missionary's cottage' on left and 'Children's dormitory' on right. 'Both built by Aboriginal People in 1859'.

  7. Point McLeay village.

  8. Point McLeay mission buildings.

  9. Sixteen men undertaking 'wool washing' at Point McLeay.

  10. Two men climbing windmills on the rivers edge.

  11. Point McLeay village.

  12. 'Original missionary's cottage, children's dormitory, school, on shores of Lake Alexandrina, Village established on ceremonial ground known as Raakkan [Raukkan] = ancient way'.

  13. Group of twelve Australian Aboriginal girls. Nine of the girls in the back row are wearing striped skirts and they have baskets resting on their heads. The three girls in the front row have baskets on the ground, with a fishing net and fish in the foreground.

  14. Group of Australian Aboriginal children gathered outside post office.

  15. Six Australian Aboriginal shearers at Point McLeay.

  16. 'Pt McLeay woolshed on the shore of Lake Alexandrina'.

  17. Eleven men and children taking part in 'Wool Washing' at Point McLeay.

  18. Seven men standing amongst wool during 'Wool Washing' at Point McLeay.

  19. Portrait of 'Rimas Kropinyeri'.

  20. Unidentified small child wearing striped clothing.

  21. Transportation of wool on flying fox during 'Wool washing' at Point McLeay.

  22. Australian Aboriginal shearers from Point Mcleay at 'Campbell House 1875 owned by T.D Bowman'.

  23. 'Superintendent's home' with 'Mr & Mrs Fred Taplin & family' on veranda and school children by fence. The missionary's cottage was built in 1859.

  24. Missionaries house and dormitory at Point McLeay Mission Station '1862'.

  25. Two men standing beside church which has a brush fence surrounding it.

  26. Group of Australian Aboriginal children outside Point McLeay 'Aboriginal Mission Church'. This photograph was formerly identified by the South Australian Museum as AP 4184.

  27. Group of Australian Aboriginal men, women and children standing outside the dormitory at Point McLeay in 1892.

  28. Man and child standing in front of a fence which surrounds unidentified building.

  29. Large group of people standing outside church at Point McLeay.

  30. Children at 'First school established' in Point McLeay.

  31. Group of people, possibly 'Taplin's son in law & school children' with Point McLeay church in distance.

  32. 'Pt McLeay Church'.

  33. Stone building and water tank surrounded by a fence.

  34. 'Boat - Teenminnie' in the water at Point McLeay.

  35. Three men standing on 'Narrung Jetty'. 'View across channel between Lake Alexandrina & Lake Albert, Point Malcolm in distance, tribal ground'.

  36. Two boats transporting twenty-one people at 'Lake Alexandrina'.

  37. Paddle steamer at Goolwa.

  38. 'Hindmarsh S.A. church.'

  39. Children with musical instruments at 'New school' built 'on hill below cemetery' 1917.

  40. Mission house with woman on veranda and two children beside the stone fence.

Tindale Tribes: Jarildekald.

CreatorMarjorie Alice Angas
ControlAA 676/5/1
Date Range1860  -  1980
Quantity 4.5cm,   1   foolscap three ring album
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints, Mounted Photographic Prints
Series AA676/05
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