Photographs and other illustrations from Point Pearce, Wauraltee and Wardang Island.

Archive Collections / Marjorie Alice Angas / Series AA676/05 / Photographs and other illustrations from Point Pearce, Wauraltee and Wardang Island.

This item contains 46 historical photographs from Point Pearce (SA), Wauraltee (SA) and Wardang Island (SA). Some of the photographs bear handwritten annotations. They are listed as follows:

  1. Map of 'Point Pearce Mission Station showing Wauraltee, Wardang Island and Main Station'.

  2. 'General Plan of the Point Pearce Mission Station Village'.

  3. Portrait of 'H.R. Hancock'.

  4. Portrait of 'Dr. J. H. G. Drummond, Trustee'.

  5. Portrait of 'Francis Garnett, Superintendent'.

  6. Portrait of 'F. J. Gillen (See AA108), Trustee'.

  7. Portrait of 'Malachi Deeble'.

  8. Portrait of 'T. M. Sutton, Superintendent'.

  9. Portrait of 'JNO Symons'.

  10. Portrait of 'J. R. Corpe'.

  11. Portrait of 'C. F. G. Heinrich'.

  12. Portrait of 'B. Lathern, Superintendent'.

  13. Portrait of 'JOS. Jolly, Trustee'.

  14. Portrait of 'J. W. Hughes'.

  15. Portrait of 'S. Lathern'.

  16. Portrait of 'S. R. Page, Hon, Secretary'.

  17. Portrait of 'R. Burden'.

  18. Portrait of 'H. Lipson Hancock'.

  19. Portrait of 'Rev. J. B. Stephenson'.

  20. Portrait of 'E. H. Derrington'.

  21. 'The jetty on the mainland', with rocks in the foreground and two boats on the right side of the jetty.

  22. 'View of mission in 1880', in the distance there are buildings and unidentified people and in the foreground there is a horse drawn cart, cows and a man.

  23. 'A street view' with stone buildings towards right side of street.

  24. 'A school house and shelter shed', with a group of school children standing beside the shelter shed.

  25. 'Native cottages of recent structure'.

  26. 'The mission as it appeared in 1880'.

  27. 'Threshing on the station', horse drawn cart pulling man and bales of hay, with three men standing with the bales.

  28. 'One of the caves on the north-west end of Warding Island'.

  29. 'Carting the wool to market'.

  30. 'The first pumping station, midway between Soakage Well and Homestead'.

  31. 'The stables and stockyard'.

  32. 'The landing stage at Wardang Island'.

  33. 'The piggery'.

  34. 'Main storage and tower tanks for reticulating the whole of the mission paddocks'.

  35. 'Four generations', of Australian Aboriginal people, two women sitting on chairs. One woman is holding a baby and there are two men standing on the left side of each woman. Possibly the daughter and son in law of Robert Wanganeen.

  36. 'Alf Hughes', 'The shepherd and his flock'.

  37. 'Shearing shed at Warding Island'.

  38. 'Reaping on the station'.

  39. 'As it is to-day, showing homestead, church and store'.

  40. 'Shearers at "Spell-oh"'.

  41. Six men from the 'Narranga [Narangga] Tribal Group'.

  42. 'Soakage well on seashore, whence the Station's water supply is drawn'.

  43. 'The transport boat "Narrunga" "En Route" to Wardang Island'.

  44. 'Mission huts in 1868'.

  45. 'The mission in 1912'.

  46. 'Artie, Harold, Cecil(?) Weetras'.

Tindale Tribes: Narangga.

CreatorMarjorie Alice Angas
ControlAA 676/5/10
Date Range1860  -  1980
Quantity 4.5cm,   1   foolscap three ring album
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints, Mounted Photographic Prints
Series AA676/05
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