Oversized photographs from Pt McLeay

This box contains 13 loose photographs which are too large to fit in the foolscap albums listed previously.

  1. 'David Unaipon Exhibition photos' written on a folder which contains six photographs. Including two portraits of men, mission buildings, two groups of children and a woman and child wearing a possum or kangaroo skin cloak.

  2. Large photograph of 'Photo taken from Lovers Lane looking down onto the town'. This photograph corresponds to AA 676/5/1/2

  3. Large panoramic view of mission buildings.

  4. Mission buildings at 'Pt McLeay'.

  5. 'Schoolboys at Point Mac Leay about 1885'. Children include Wilsons, Edward Rigney, Ben Rigney, Clifford Tony Wilson and other unidentified children.

  6. Large group of unidentified people. Notes on the reverse side of this mounted photograph read 'Phillip Welsh Point MacLeay id by Clarence Long 1931. Presented by W.H. Bagot Oct. 1929'.

  7. Group of seven black and white photographs from Point McLeay. Including King Peter, mission buildings, wool washing, lovers lane, Narrung landing, shearers at Campbell house and missioner's house.

  8. Group of people standing at the headstone for 'Rev George Taplin (See AA319)'.

  9. Group of six photographs mounted on green card. 1. A group of people including Tom Whympe, Bill Kropinyeri, Jack Finke, Katie Finke, John Lovegrove 2. Group of Aboriginal people at Edithburg on the Yorke Peninsula 3. An Aboriginal man with two dogs at Yorke Peninsula 4. Peter Campbell and his grandson Tarapa in ceremonial dress at Goolwa [SA] c1907 5.Ted Rankine in ceremonial dress at Goolwa [SA] c1907 and 6. A group of Aboriginal people in ceremonial dress at Goolwa c1907 [SA].

  10. Black and white portrait of two women and a child. Notes on the reverse side of this photograph read 'Sumner', 'Harris', 'Gibson' and 'Koolmatrie'.

  11. 'Painting by Mark Wilson 1880' of 'Lake Alexandrina bark canoe + sail'.

  12. Photograph of rock art.

  13. Colour portrait of two unidentified children.

CreatorMarjorie Alice Angas
ControlAA 676/5/18
Date Range1860  -  1980
Quantity 44cm,   1   archive box with loose photographs
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints, Mounted Photographic Prints
Series AA676/05