Photographs and other illustrations from Point Pearce and Wardang Island.

Archive Collections / Marjorie Alice Angas / Series AA676/05 / Photographs and other illustrations from Point Pearce and Wardang Island.

This item contains 34 historical photographs from Point Pearce (SA) and Wardang Island (SA). Some of the photographs bear handwritten annotations. They are listed as follows:

  1. 'Locality Plan of Yorke Peninsula showing position of Point Pearce Mission Station'.

  2. Portrait of 'Philip Welsh - Direct descendant of Narrangga [Narangga]' tribe.

  3. Portrait of 'Robert Wanganeen - (1900)'. From Narrangga [Narangga] tribe.

  4. 'Gilbert & Lewis Williams, 1900'.

  5. 'Thomas Adams' or 'Arthur Adams and Mrs Mary Adams nee Sims. Lily Sims'.

  6. Granny Lena, Grandfather Alfred, Rachel Stuart, Walter, Susie, Dinky and Lionel in the 1870's at Point Pearce.

  7. 'Cottages at Pt Pearce 1900, May Adams'.

  8. 'Borneo, Vietnam, Brian Varcoe, Pt Pearce, on a patrol at Kuantan'.

  9. 'Shearing Shed at Wardang Island'.

  10. 'Shearers' are standing in front of corrugated iron wall at Point Pearce.

  11. 'May Adams 1900'.

  12. 'Glady Adams Mrs Elphick'.

  13. Photograph of man sitting on chair holding boy on his lap. Notes accompanying photograph read 'Gilbert Williams. 1935'.

  14. 'Pt Pearce School Children'.

  15. Side portrait of 'George Pentoni' or 'Pethuenunkar'.

  16. Group of people at 'Pt Victoria (Pt Pearce)'.

  17. Group of men standing outside building made from corrugated iron.

  18. 'Point Pearce Mission Station - Overseas Residence'.

  19. 'Point Pearce Mission Station - Schoolmasters Residence'.

  20. 'Mrs Ally Smith - Mrs Julia Simpson and Ethel Simpson. Family moved to Pt Pearce when mission est. in 1868'.

  21. Group of children standing in two lines outside building.

  22. 'Norman Angie, Thomas Goldsmith, James Goldsmith, William Williams, Warrior Wanganeen'. Twelve Australian Aboriginal children holding flags and signs with names of different countries.

  23. 'James Phillips of Point Pearce Mission. The last man of the Adelaide Tribe, he died in the Adelaide Hospital from pneumonia in 1890. (died 1897, 24th feb)'.

  24. 'Alice Buckskin 2.9.1890'

  25. Photograph of 'Fund Raising 1914-18 War' with 'Thomas Goldsmith, Benjamin Wanganeen, Fred Warrior, Norman Angie, William Williams, James Goldsmith, Ted Edwards'.

  26. 'Roy Graham 2/10 Battalion A.I.F. Service: England, Middle East, Pacific Islands'.

  27. 'Cecil Graham' (See SAMA981).

  28. 'Jenny & Tommy Holmes'. This item was previously identified by the South Australian Museum as AP 3258.

  29. 'Timothy Hughes' dressed in military uniform.

  30. 'Mrs Ella Buckskin, daughter Laura now Mrs Agius'.

  31. 'Natives Yarding Sheep at Point Pierce [Pearce] Mission Station. - (By Mr. Finlayson.)'

  32. 'Young Students' at 'Point Pearce Mission' with Australian and British flags.

  33. 'Pt Pearce School 1860'.

  34. 'Poonindie via Port Lincoln 1850'.

Tindale Tribes: Narangga.

CreatorMarjorie Alice Angas
ControlAA 676/5/9
Date Range1860  -  1980
Quantity 4.5cm,   1   foolscap three ring album
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints, Mounted Photographic Prints
Series AA676/05
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