'Warner's Australians. Raw Data for Males'

This item contains a transcription of William Lloyd Warner's Anthropometric data of Australian Aborigines from data cards (see AA 689/9), and includes notes made in relation to the data. Data was recorded for the following areas and 'Tindale Tribes' (see AA 338):

  • W-1 Melville and Bathurst Islands

  • W-2 Larrakia [Larakia]

  • W-3 Worgait [Wogait]

  • W-4 Berinken [Magatige]

  • W-5 Central Interior

  • W-6 north-eastern

The pages in this journal are not numbered. There are 68 pages of data and 48 blank pages. Numerous pages have been torn from the back of the book. This item was previously identified as 'Birdsell Collection Notebook 2.'

Tindale Tribes: Larakia; Wogait; Magatige.

CreatorDr Joseph Benjamin Birdsell
ControlAA 689/1/12
Quantity 1.5cm,   1   red and black hard-bound notebook, 116pp, 27x21cm
FormatsNumeric Data, Notebooks
Series AA689/01