'Australian Daily Field Journal 1953-1954'

University of California Los Angeles expedition, 1952-1954

This item is a bound journal containing five Daily Field 'Books' used whilst on the University of California Los Angeles expedition, 1952-1954. These books contain anthropometric measurements and observations, ecological impressions and studies, a 'tribal inventory' and notes on various groups, 'Sampling of Various Work Stations' in Western Australia and the Northern Territory with the percentage of population sampled. Also includes 'Assignment of Tribal Entities to Individuals', 'General Addresses', 'Succulents sent to Mathias', 'Seed Samples sent to Mathias', 'Production schedule of Results Achieved' December 1952 - July 1954, 'Clubbing as a Selection Agency in Women', 'Language Affinities', 'Introduction New Traits on Card Margins', 'Notes on Serological Skin Tests', 'Munsell Skin Color Scale', 'Archeological Index' to First and Second Sessions, 'Station Contacts' including names and addresses and 'Weed Samples,' hand drawn maps, notes on migration patterns, 'Annual Rainfall Records' for 1913-1952, 'Estimates of Major Fauna Populations', notes on social change in station communities, notes on local diet, 'Ceremonial Gear', notes on 'Boundaries of Local Tribes', notes on populations, research ideas and a statement regarding the 'Limitations of Genealogical Data'.

Book One (pp. 1-52) contains journal entries 1 December 1952 - 7 February 1953 from South Australia and Western Australia. Notes were made at Koonibba, Port Augusta, Penong, Bookabie, Fowlers Bay, Colona, Madura, Balladonia, Norseman, Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie, Southern Cross, Perth, Wyalkatchem, Cundeelee, Leonora, Wiluna, Meekatharra, Mount Magnet, Laverton, Cosmo Newberry [Cosmo Newbery].

Book Two (pp. 53-135) contains journal entries 8 February 1953 to 26 May 1953 from Western Australia. Notes were made at Cosmo Newberry [Cosmo Newbery], Mulga Queen, Mount Margaret, Jigalong, Marble Bar, Cookes Creek, Port Hedland, Bamboo Springs Station, Kulikuli, Pilgangoora.

Book Three (pp. 136-222) contains journal entries 27 May - 21 September 1953 from Western Australia. Notes were made at Pilgangoora, Yandeyarra, Roebourne, Wittenoom, Yarrie, Mandora, Anna Plains, La Grange, Thangoo, Broome, Derby, Meda, Yeeda, Liveringa, Fitzroy Crossing, Christmas Creek, Halls Creek, Moola Boola [Moola Bulla].

Book Four (pp. 223-300) contains journal entries 22 September 1953 to 9 May 1954 from Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Notes were made at Moola Boola [Moola Bulla], Halls Creek, Flora Valley, Adelaide, Port Augusta, Dunmara, Daly Waters, Darwin, Wyndham, Forrest River, Inverway, Gordon Downs, Sturt Creek Station.

Book Five (pp. 301-369) contains journal entries 10 May - 9 August 1954 from Western Australia. Notes were made at Sturt Creek Station, Halls Creek, Moola Boola [Moola Bulla], Margaret River Station, Louisa Downs, Christmas Creek, Gogo, Fitzroy Crossing, Quanbun, Wotjulum, Cockatoo Island, Derby, Noonkanbah, Leopold Downs, Brooking Springs Station, Ruby Plains, Billiluna Station, Balgo Mission.

Only the first citation of a place name has been noted, however the Birdsell's occasionally revisited a site previously recorded in the journal when still within the vicinity. See also the itenary of the Birdsell's contained within NB Tindale 'Anthropological Field Notes on the University of California at Los Angeles - University of Adelaide Anthropological Expedition, north-west Australia. Volume II.' Copy of Journal AA 338/4/33/2, pp. 1175-1183.

The 'Second Field Season' which commenced 11 February 1954, begins within Book Four.

There are eight maps, located on p. 6A, p. 75A, p. 174A, p. 175A, p. 222 (+6), p. 300 (+4), p. 369 (+13).

The Board for Anthropological Research (see AA 346) expedition included Norman and Dorothy Tindale (see AA 338), Joseph and Ester Birdsell and Phillip Judd Epling (student, University of California).

Each 'Book' of this journal has been numbered by Birdsell on the right hand page. The covers for 'Books' Three and Four are missing but a stump and the page numbering makes it evident where the books begin and end. Each of the daily field 'Books' are followed by numerous pages which are not numbered and either contain notes or are blank. These subsequent pages whether blank or not have been counted in the same manner. There are 369 pages of 'Daily Field' entries, 56 pages of notes and 22 blank pages.

There is an incomplete handwritten transcript, AA 689/1/2/1, of the 'Australian Daily Field Journal 1953-1954'.This item contains diary entries from 1/12/1952 Koonibba, South Australia and concludes 23 May 1953 Pilgangoora, Western Australia.

CreatorDr Joseph Benjamin Birdsell
ControlAA 689/1/2
Date Range01 December, 1952  -  01 August, 1954
Quantity 7.3cm,   1   Red hard-bound notebook, 447pp., 23.5x18.3 cm
FormatsMaps, Numeric Data, Diaries, Notebooks
Series AA689/01