Transcript 'Australian Daily Field Journal 1953-1954'

Archive Collections / Dr Joseph Benjamin Birdsell / Series AA689/01 / Transcript 'Australian Daily Field Journal 1953-1954'
University of California Los Angeles expedition, 1952-1954

This item is a handwritten incomplete transcript of Books One and Two containing diary entries from 1/12/1952 Koonibba, South Australia and concludes 23/5/1953 Pilgangoora, Western Australia.

This item comprises of 136 pages in total including photocopies of maps and diagrams. Produced in the 1990s by Edna Love.

CreatorDr Joseph Benjamin Birdsell
ControlAA 689/1/2/1
Date Range01 December, 1952  -  01 May, 1953
Quantity 5.8cm,   1   Blue Albox Folder
FormatsMaps, Photocopied Documents, Drawings, Sketches, Diaries, Loose Notes, Tables of data
Series AA689/01