'American Museum of Natural History, July-August 1946'

Archive Collections / Dr Joseph Benjamin Birdsell / Series AA689/01 / 'American Museum of Natural History, July-August 1946'

This item contains morphometric data on crania housed at American Museum of Natural History, New York and the Hamburg Museum, Hamburg.

Data relating to crania from Queensland, which includes Cooktown, Herbert River, Meta Downs: Cape York, 'Nimaji tribe: west of Cairns'.

Data relating to crania from Tasmania, 'Relum', 'Ainu' [Japan], Baining [New Britain] and Varzinberg: Gazelle Peninsula [New Britain]. There is also data relating to casts of 'Wadjak I' [Java, Indonesia] and 'Combe Capelle' [France]. Includes bibliographical notes.

The data on the following crania usually includes the museum's item number and the place or origin. There may also be information regarding the history of the crania.

The pages in this journal are not numbered. There are 64 pages of data and 42 blank pages. This item was previously identified as 'Birdsell Collection Notebook 7'. 'Compositions' printed on cover.

CreatorDr Joseph Benjamin Birdsell
ControlAA 689/1/5
Date Range01 July, 1946  -  01 August, 1946
Quantity 1.2cm,   1   Black and white patterned hard-bound notebook, 106pp., 25.5x19 cm
FormatsNumeric Data, Notebooks
Series AA689/01