'Blood Types of Australian Aborigenes [sic]' Volume One

Archive Collections / Dr Joseph Benjamin Birdsell / Series AA689/01 / 'Blood Types of Australian Aborigenes [sic]' Volume One

This item is the first of two volumes containing summary data on the blood groupings of Aboriginal Communities. Includes a table of contents.

The pages in this journal have been numbered by Birdsell. There is a contents page and 42 pages of data tables. This item was previously identified as 'Birdsell Collection Notebook 18'.

CreatorDr Joseph Benjamin Birdsell
ControlAA 689/1/8/1
Date Range1952  -  1954
Quantity 0.8cm,   1   faded-blue hard-bound notebook with red binding, 43pp, 31x20cm
FormatsNumeric Data, Notebooks, Tables of data
Series AA689/01