'Man-Land Research, 1976, UCLA'

This item relates to JB Birdsell's 'Man-Land' project of 1976 and refers to computer punch cards included in the collection (see AA 689/9). Birdsell's 'Man-Land' project concerned calculating the correlation between pre-contact tribal sizes and areas in Australia in relation to environmental variables such as rainfall.

The pages in this journal have been numbered by Birdsell. There are 34 pages of data or notes and 102 blank pages. Approximately 20 pages have been torn from front of notebook.
This item was previously identified as 'Birdsell Collection Notebook 11'. 'Harvard Co-operative Society' printed on cover.

CreatorDr Joseph Benjamin Birdsell
ControlAA 689/1/9
Date Range01 May, 1976  -  01 July, 1976
Quantity 1.4cm,   1   black and white patterned hard-bound notebook, 132pp, 21.5x17.5cm
FormatsNumeric Data, Notebooks
Series AA689/01