Taken From Access DVD (Time coded)

01:00 The camera observes a train. It stops at a station and a group of people stand next to it

01:11 There are further shots of the train stopping and the group of people

01:24 A family stand outside a doorway

01:33 A group of people stand outside a large building

01:41 A mother and baby camel stare at the camera

01:44 The building appears to be a farm with a windmill attached

01:48 The camera observes a small gully

01:50 A group of men stand outside a building it has a sign AJ Scobie General Merchant and Commission agent. Wine and Spirit Licence"

01:55 The camera shows another building

01:57 A man stands outside a building. A sign states ," MAREE COFFEE PALACE'

02:01 A group stand outside the train. The people inside wave at the camera. A man sitting inside the train pours team in a cup for a man standing outside

02:13 A man stands outside a building that has a sign "Coward Springs"

02:19 A woman stands outside a hotel. It is called "Coward Springs Hotel"

02:20 Landscape shots of large palm trees and shrubs

02:24 The camera observes ripples in a spring

02:37 Three men and one woman stand next to the pool. They are all European. Another man stands in the background .The camera pan to him and observes a further two men and one woman

02:44 More shots of the spring

02:47 A man stands next to a group of camels

02:55 A man sits on the ground and unpacks his things

02:59 A camel stares at the camera

03:01 The man on the ground drinks tea

03:06 A man leads a group of camels

03:14 A baby kangaroo chews on a boys laces. It then follows the boy around

03:22 A group of European Australians stand by a hedge observing a garden. In the garden a man stands and a woman sits on the ground cutting flowers

03:40 There is a close up of the flowers

03:43 Landscape shots at high speed are followed by a sign "Rumbalara"

03:52 The camera slowly pans across the terrain. It is rocky with thorny shrubs

04:20 Two women and a man stand on top of a train while one woman stands beside it

04:31 A couple stand next to a tree

04:32 There is a roadside sign "Alice Springs"

04:35 A woman crosses a road


04:42 Ariel shots of the city

05:07 A group of seven men stand next to a monument

05:11 Ariel shots of a car driving down a road. Followed by a man walking up a rocky path

05:15 Two women sit on the path looking down at the city

05:25 Two girls stand in their garden

05:31 The camera focuses on the local flowers

05:55 A caterpillar feeds on a plant

05:58 A man stands in a field. The camera then pans to observe the partitioned field

06:24 The camera observes the local landscape especially the trees

06:34 " Post & Telegraph office Alice Springs"

06:37 Two women walk inside a building and then walk out

06:41 "The Darwin mail leaves Alice Springs once a month ,covering the 650 miles in four days."

06:47 "Loading Mails and parcels for the north."

06:52 Men load large mail bags on a lorry

07:18 "The Post Master "

07:21 An European Australian man smiles at the camera

07:46 People are standing around an Australian Aboriginal settlement. The people are living in shacks and tents

07:57 A European Australian man talks to an Australian aboriginal family in their homes

08:05 " The original Alice Springs"

08:07 There are landscape shots of the spring with people climbing up the surrounding rocky terrain

08:19 The camera focuses on a European man standing on a rock formation It then pans to observe a woman standing at a greater height. The camera then observes the landscape.

08:29 A flock of sheep drink water from the spring while some of them climb up the rocky sides

08:38 A man walks up to the sheep carrying two pails


08:51 Two people are drilling a hole .One person is above the apparatus while the other person manipulates the dials .There is a truck nearby with barrels on it

09:07 A close up shows that the wheels of the truck are being used to help drill in the ground


09:22 A large group of Cattle is being herded in a fenced area by Australian Aboriginal men

09:48 A small two man aircraft prepares for takeoff. There is another group of people standing next to it. The plane takes off and the camera observes it as it flies across the landscape


10:22 A car drives towards the camera followed by another car that is carrying something on its roof

10:28 The camera observes a local hill

10:30 A man plays fetch with a dog

10:34 The dog jumps in front of the camera. Behind a group of European women and men exchange greetings

10:37 There are High speed shots of grassy land followed by shots of trees


10:48 The camera observes a tree with a with a well in the foreground and a flock of birds flying in the background

10:50 Three European men stand next to a grave stone

10:54 The camera observes a few building including a thatched shack , a large building and some small brick buildings


11:06 Two European men stand in front of the shack

11:11 The camera focuses on the words "L.D. 78.-33. painted on the side of a building

11:13 "WATT RANGE"

11:15 The camera observes giant flock of birds flying across the landscape

11:22 The camera observes a campfire burning at night

11:45 An Australian Aboriginal woman starts a fire

11:49 " The old man finds solace in chewing tobacco, with which is mixed a drug made from the ashes of the Wirra bush (Wattle)."

11:55 An Australian Aboriginal man stands next to a fire and prepares his drug. He then consumes it.

12:05 " Like their primitive ancestors, they obtain much of their food from the soil."

12:09 An Australian Aboriginal man digs a hole using a digging stick. He pulls out roots and eats one

12:25 "They make string from their own hair , animal fur and vegetable fibre."

12:30 An Australian Aboriginal man and boy sit on the ground. The Australian aboriginal man carefully produces a piece of string

12:51 " A quill is used a bodkin."

12:55 The same man now takes of the entire feather from the quill and attaches it to the string

13:17 " River reeds are used to make twine for fishing nets."

13:22 Two Australian Aboriginal men gather reeds from a river. On the shore they are met by another group also carrying reeds. They sit together and strip the reeds.

13:40 " The old men are the expert craftsmen."

13:43 The men weave the reeds.

13:53 " A fish trap is made by stretching the net on stakes across the stream."

13:57 The camera focuses on the finished net.It further observes similar nets being employs as fish traps.

14:10 " Aboriginal dances are called " Corroborees" and have meaning often going back hundreds of years."

14:16 A large group of Australian Aboriginal men who have painted their bodies perform a Corroborees

14:45 " The " Civilized" aboriginal is not half so picturesque as those in their wild state. Just compare them."

14:52 The camera shows and Australian Aboriginal family .The couple has two daughters which sit on their laps

14:55 Two Australian Aboriginal women holding their children look at the camera

15:03 A group of Australian Aboriginal men and women land a canoe on a shore

15:24 Two Australian Aboriginal men stare at the camera s they drink a beverage

15:32 Two Australian Aboriginal men show their spears

15:39 Two Australian Aboriginal men stand next to each other holding containers

15:51 An Australian Abdominal man shows off his ear piercing that has stretched the lobe

16:05 " They are extremely adept with their hands. Watch these two make first , an armlet from grass secondly , a spearhead from quartzite."

16:13 An Australian aboriginal man quickly waves an armlet. A European man then shows the camera a group of those armlets.

16:34 A group European and Aboriginal Australians stand watch another Australian Aboriginal man sculpting an Arrowhead

16:51 " All events of importance are celebrated by symbolic dances….Welcoming a visiting tribe."

16:58 Restricted content starts

17:50 Restricted content ends

17:50 " The ladies of the ballet."

17:52 A group of Australian Aboriginal women now perform the dance.

18:18 Both groups now perform the dance together

16:58 Restricted content starts

19:23 Restricted content ends

19:23 A series of images now flash on the screen: two Australian Aboriginal men sitting,a European man standing beside an Australian Aboriginal group, a group of Australian Aboriginal men sitting in a circle, A man holding hunting tools, an Australian aboriginal family with the mother carrying a baby and a load on her head and two children standing next to a man who is sitting on the ground

20:15 " The Australian aborigine demands that his women folk be proficient in domestic arts."

20:21 The camera observes an Australian aboriginal woman preparing food

20:29 " Flour is prepared from the seeds of several plants…. Pounding Nardoo."

20:34 An elderly Aboriginal Australian woman prepares flour

20:48 " Primitive flour milling.. Munyeroo seed is sprinkled with water and ground to a paste."

20:55 An Australian aboriginal woman grind the seeds down and makes a paste

21:23 " Willi-willy approves the product of mother's skill."

21:27 A small boy sits next to the woman and eats the paste as she grinds it

21:40 " Playtime…… making tops from Kopi."

21:42 Two Australian Aboriginal women carefully make balls from Emu fat

21:59 " Primitive roulette…" the ball that spins the longest, wins.""

22:03 The two women play their game while the young boy watches them

22:29 " Arrayed in all her finery ……For the dance."

22:37 The camera focuses on the costume of an Australian Aboriginal woman. She then joins other women and they perform a ceremonial dance.

22:43 " Home Sweet Home."

22:46 A women stands in front of her shack. She later holds a young boy

23:03 A European Australian man sits alongside a group of Australian Aboriginal men and women on the ground. Dogs walk by them

23 :17 End of film

  1. "Film Reel 4" Gerard film collection reel 4
    Format: SP Betacam
    Duration: 23 min. 17 sec.
    Transfer Date: 8/10/99
    Generation: Original 16mm

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    Transfer Date: 8/10/99
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    Generation: Copy of AA 841/4/3

  6. "Film Reel 4" Gerard film collection reel 4
    Format: DVD
    Duration: 23 min. 17 sec.
    Generation: Copy of AA 841/4/4

CreatorAlfred Edward Gerard
ControlAA 841/4/1
Quantity   7   16mm, SP Betacam, Digital Betacam & DVD's
Series AA841/4