Papers relating to the administration of the Aboriginal and Historical Relics Preservation Act (1965) by the Aboriginal and Historical Relics Advisory Board at the South Australian Museum

Archive Collections / Aboriginal and Historic Relics Unit / Series AA861/01 / Papers relating to the administration of the Aboriginal and Historical Relics Preservation Act (1965) by the Aboriginal and Historical Relics Advisory Board at the South Australian Museum

This series includes the following:

  1. Documentation from 1966 to 1976 relating to the establishment of the Advisory Board of the Aboriginal and Historic Relics Protection Act in 1967, and subsequent minutes of Board meetings, correspondence, budgets, submissions, drafts and other material.

  2. Documentation relating to the protection and conservation of significant Aboriginal sites in South Australia.

  3. Appointment of Inspectors and Honorary Wardens under the Act.

  4. Papers relating to the discussion of heritage protection legislation in South Australia and other states and territories including:
    1. Koonalda Cave and Allen's Cave on the Nullarbor Plain.

    2. Sites on the River Murray including Lake Bonney Burial Site, Overland Corner Ochre/Flint Mine, Devon Downs and Fromm's Landing archaeological sites.

    3. Sites in northern South Australia including Eucolo Creek Engraving Site (near Woomera), Innamincka Rock Engraving Site, Panaramittee and Ketchowla Engraving Sites.

    4. Sites in the Flinders Ranges including Mt Chambers Gorge Engraving Sites, Parachilna Ochre Mine and Paralana Hot Springs.

    5. Sites in the Mount Lofty Ranges and Fleurieu Peninsula such as the Eden Valley Painting Sites and campsites at Normanville and Aldinga.

    6. Sites in the South-East including Carpenter's Rocks Aboriginal Well and Beachport Midden site.

    7. Sites at Corny Point (Yorke Peninsula).

    8. A cache of sacred objects found by Europeans near Coober Pedy which were subsequently returned to their Aboriginal owners. September-October 1970.

    9. Proposed erection of a series of cairns to mark the travels of Tjirbruki, a Dreaming Ancestor of the Kaurna tribe of the Adelaide Plains.

    10. Allegations that engraving sites in the Woomera area were being damaged by defence personnel. April 1971.

    11. Sites on Granite Downs Station and near Mt Tietkens (North-West Aboriginal Reserve). February 1972.

    12. Reports and correspondence relating to significant European historical sites in South Australia such as the old miners' cottages at Burra, Captain Sturt's former home at 'The Grange', the Overland Corner Hotel, the Old Peake Telegraph Repeater Station and relics of the early mining industry at Moonta and Kapunda.

  5. Folder of reports, correspondence and other documentation relating to the period 1968-1977. This folder includes brochures and other material relating to the protection of Aboriginal heritage sites in South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales, correspondence with Department of Aboriginal Sites, Western Australia, and Department of Aboriginal and Island Affairs, Queensland, regarding site protection, correspondence and other documentation relating to staff appointments in the Aboriginal and Historical Relics Unit (AHRU), South Australian Aboriginal Ranger Training Program and AHRU budgets and staffing issues. Of particular note are the following:
    1. Correspondence relating to claims in October-November 1973 by Aboriginal people at Indulkana that mining activities had caused damage to sacred sites on Granite Downs and De Rose Hill Stations.

    2. Report by Craig Hoskyns on his site-surveys with Aboriginal people in the Flinders Ranges from 1974 to 1975. January 1975.

    3. Report by Phil Fitzpatrick on his site-surveys in the North-West Aboriginal Reserve, including references to mythological sites in the area between Amata and the South Australian-Western Australian border. January 1975.

  6. South Australian Aboriginal Heritage Photograph Collection: Index of people's names, Vols. 1-2. This photograph collection, compiled by John Dallwitz in 1990 for the Aboriginal Heritage Branch of the SA Department of Environment and Planning, is currently held by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation. The collection consists of about 8000 photographs of Aboriginal people and places in South Australia. The index, in alphabetical order, lists the names of Aboriginal people depicted in the photographs.

  7. Book of blank site report forms, Aboriginal and Historic Relics Preservation Act, 1965.

  8. Folder of photocopied site records from AHRU Site Register. This folder includes numerous records for archaeological sites in the Olympic Dam - Andamooka area, and other records for sites at Tomato Rocks (near Kingoonya), Mt Penrhyn (Mabel Creek Station), Billa Kalina, Strangways Springs, Finniss Springs and Marree. Of particular note are the following:
    1. 'Survey/Inspection Report. Olympic Dam Mineral Prospect on Roxby Downs Station, conducted May 12-14, 1980'. Report by Phil Fitzpatrick (Aboriginal Heritage Unit, South Australia, Department for the Environment).

    2. 'A preliminary archaeological assessment of the route of the proposed road from Phillip Ponds to Purple Downs'. Report by P Hughes & P Hiscock to Roxby Management Services, October 1980.

    3. 'Salvage Collection of Aboriginal archaeological sites along the Olympic Dam Village to Purple Downs Road'. Report by P Hiscock and P Hughes to Roxby Management Services, December 1980.

This series includes references to the following regions of South Australia: Nullarbor - Great Victoria Desert; North West; North Central; North East; Flinders Ranges; Central East; South East; River Murray - Coorong; Adelaide - Mount Lofty Ranges; Yorke Peninsula; Eyre Peninsula.

This series also includes references to: Northern Territory; Western Australia; Queensland; New South Wales; Victoria; Tasmania.

This series includes references to Tindale Tribes: Kaurna; Pitjandjara.

These correspond to AIATSIS Language Groups: Kaurna; Pitjantjatjara.

CreatorAboriginal and Historic Relics Unit
ControlAA 861/1/1-8
Date Range1966  -  1990
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Series AA861/01
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