'Eucla area Vocabularies'

This sub-series consists of a manuscript (eight foolscap pages) copied by Prof. JA Fitzherbert, Classics Department, University of Adelaide, from an original manuscript provided by Daisy Bates entitled 'Eucla area Vocabularies'. The vocabulary items are divided into two sections, 'Man, his relationships etc', 'Parts and functions of the body', 'Animals', 'Birds', 'Reptiles', 'Elements', 'Short sentences' and 'Miscellaneous'. Bates advised Fitzherbert on 5 April 1932 that the vocabulary had been collected from a woman named Gauera from the area north of Eucla, and from a man, Bijarda, from the area west of Eucla

This manuscript was evidently copied by Fitzherbert from a typed copy held by the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia (South Australian Branch). The Daisy Bates manuscript collection in the Barr-Smith Library at the University of Adelaide, includes some correspondence with Fitzherbert relating to this vocabulary. There is additional correspondence between Bates and Fitzherbert in the Bates Collection in the Australian National Library, Canberra.

This sub-series contains references to the following regions of South Australia: Nullarbor - Great Victoria Desert; North West.

This sub-series also includes references to: Western Australia.

CreatorDaisy May Bates
Date Range1931  -  1932
Quantity 1cm,    
FormatsLoose Notes
Series AA23/04