Articles and a few notes:
'The Fauna' by AG Thorne from Archaeology of the Gallus Site, Koonalda Cave

'Aboriginal Rock Carvings: Locality near Pimba, SA' by FJ Hall, RG McGowan and GF Guleksen
Comments on Supposed Representations of Giant Bird Tracks at Pimba by Tindale, Records of the SA Museum June 30th 1951
'Marsupial Carnivore Dens in Australian Caves by Ernest L Lundelius, Studies in Speleology 1966
'Man the Destroyer: Late Quaternary changes in the Australian Marsupial Fauna' by d Merrilees, Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia 1968
'Aboriginal Rock Engravings of Extinct Creatures in South Australia' by CP Mountford and Robert Edwards, Man July 1962
Late-Pleistocene and Holocene Faunal History of Central Texas by Ernest L Ludelius, 1967

A few notes and sketches

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