Science 84 April vol 5 (3)

Newspaper clippings about early human history in Australia
Typescript about the Cohuna fossil found in northern Victoria
Typescript, Fossil Man in Australia
L Freedman and M Lofgren, 'Human Skeletal Remains from Cossack Western Australia' Journal of Human Evolution 1979
L Freedman and M Lofgren, The Cossack skull and dihybrid origin of the Australian Aborigines
Zihlman et al 'Pygmy chimpanzee as a possible prototype for the common ancestor ofns, chimpamzees and gorillas in Nature 26 October 1978
LSB Leakey, 'An Early Miocene Member of Hominidae' Nature 14 January 1967
Sherwood L Washburn, 'Tools and Human Evolution' in Scientific American september 1960
Colin M Turnbull, 'The Lesson of the Pygmies' Scientific American January 1963

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