Northern Territory Arnhem Land

Copies of articles:
CC Macknight and AG Thorne, 'Two Macassan Burials in Arnhem Land', Archaeology and Physical Anthropology in Oceania Vol II (3), October 1968.
JH Calaby, 'Tasmanian Devil in Northern Australia in Recent Times', The Australian Journal of science vol 29 (12), 12 June 1967.
John Calaby, 'The Tasmanian Devil in Arnhem Land Rock Art' (draft 1977)
Tindale, 'Perspectives on the Health Staus of North Territory Aborigines: Consideration of a People in Cultural Transition', 9 December 1970.
Map of tribal groups (superceded) between Arafura sea and Gulf of Carpemtaria.
Donald F Thomson, 'The Story of Arnhem Land', Walkabout, 1 August 1946

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