Tribal data, Aboriginal Tribes of Australia

1. General terms used by Aboriginal people. Terms discussed include Murgin in the Northern Territory, terms in the Pilbara, Targudi/Tjargudi.Distinguishing between non-tribal terms and tribal descriptors.

2. Book reviews and commentary on Aboriginal Tribes of Australia
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3. Correspondence
FJ Watson to Tindale 20 December 1943
Joseph Birdsell to Tindale 2 February 1953
Joseph Birdsell to Tindale 15 February 1953
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Joseph Birdsell to Tindale 28 March 1978
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4. Proof sheet for captions and legends for Photographic plates for Tribes book

5. Tindale's handwritten Journal of a trip to Western Australia 1966

6. Maps of tribes

7. Draft Acknowledgments for Aboriginal Tribes of Australia

8. Handwritten and other notes from various sources about tribes and tribal boundaries

9. Mainly notes relating to organisation of the book Aboriginal Tribes, including handwritten notes; lists of illustrations, maps; files which werent used but might be at some future date; short notes about various tribes; population distribution along the Murray River; draft of a paper by Tindale 'some Ecological Bases fro Australian Tribal Boundaries

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
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