Letter from Giovanni Gatti

Letter from Giovanni Gatti addressed to 'Gentlemen' concerns Gatti's interest in Dieri vocabulary and language; tribal boundaries and laguage groups. Reference is made that this letter of 14 July 1932 is in response to a letter he received, presumably from SA Museum, dated 11 May (1932). He also refers to a March (1932) letter, again presumably from SA Museum, written in Dieri which seemingly never reached the recipent in Prato (Giovanni Gatti had since then moved to Florence). Lists the languages he has studied and refers to the works he has read on Australian native languages. Includes a list of questions on grammar and kinship.

People mentioned: [Edward Micklethwaite] Curr (1820-1889), [Robert Needham] Cust (1821-1909), [Friedrich] Muller (1834-1898), [Sir Walter Baldwin] Spencer (1860-1929) (AA301), [Francis James] Gillen (1855-1912) (AA108), [Rev Johann Georg] Reuther (1861-1914) (AA266), [Carl Friedrich Theodor] Strehlow (1871-1922) (AA315), [Samuel] Gason (1845-1897), [George 'Poddy'] Aiston (1879-1943) (AA3),

Places mentioned: Mulka Station (SA), Florence (Italy), Prato (Italy)

Handwritten, double-sided, plus envelope marked 'letters of Giovani Gatty'

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
Date Range14 July, 1931  -  14 July, 1931
Quantity 0.1cm,   1   Pages
FormatsGeneral Correspondence
Series AA338/84