Letter from Tindale to GL King, 27 February 1936

Writing to Kinelab Film Service listing Titles to be included in negative from black card hand lettered in white for 16mm film. Title of film Natives of the Warburton Range, Western Australia, 1935 with other titles as follows: Juvenile hunters of birds; Gathering mako tjilka tjilka grubs from roly-poly bushes (Salsola kali); Opossum hunting; Native women in their daily search for food; The manufacture of yam sticks, and their use; Preparation of Kurupu seed; Method of cooking goana; Kangaroo hunting; Mode of decorating the spear thrower; Repairing a broken spear thrower; Circumcision; Subincision.

People mentioned: EO Stocker,

Places mentioned: Warburton Range (WA)

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
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Series AA338/89