Letter from Tindale to Barr Smith, 30 January 1936

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Letter from NB Tindale to TE Barr Smith to thank him for the contribution of £5 towards the expenses of making some aerial photographs of the Coorong and adjacent coast. Tindale writes: "...from ground work done that the dune ranges of the South-East may enable us to establish a time scale for Pleistocene and Recent Times comparable with that based on glacial evidence and shore line deposits in Europe and America". Tindale also notes that a paper on the subject was published in the Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia, vol 1vii, 1933.

Organisation mentioned: Royal Society of South Australia

People mentioned: None

Places mentioned: Europe, America, Coorong (SA), Dune ranges of the South East (SA), Murray River.

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CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
Date Range30 January, 1936  -  30 January, 1936
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Series AA338/89