Camp behind Edithburg School, now parklands

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Oval view of two Aboriginal men standing either side of a seated Aboriginal woman in front of a large wurley covered with hessian sacks and other materials.

The older man on the right wears a top hat and leans on a rifle. The other man has a pipe in his mouth and the woman sits on a log between them.

According to Mrs Anderson, the photo was taken in about 1905-1910 near Edithburgh; the man on the left was Black Jack, the woman was Black Lucy and the older man Old Charlie and the Aboriginal lady use to babysit white children.

Mrs I Anderson, obtained the photographs (along with 3 others) from her father-in-law and other long-time Yorke Peninsula residents. She donated the photographs to the Museum in the 1970's.

The original photograph was donated to the Edithburg Museum by Mrs Millar from Edithburg.

Reproduced in Survival in Our Wan Land, p196.

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