Group of Aboriginal men and women, Yorketown

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Group of nine people. King Tommy is seated in the middle, back row, holding a rifle. Two men are standing to his side. Three women are seated in front of King Tommy and three men recline on the ground in front of the women.

There are two prints of this image; it appears the original was torn between the two men at the left. The second image has been cropped with the two men missing from the photograph.

King Tommy died in 1887, therefore the photograph is prior to this date.

Same group of people in AA531/1/3

Reproduced in Survival in Our Own Land, p196

Information with a copy of this photo in the National Library captioned 'Early residents of the district' identifies the location as Oyster Point, Stansbury.

CreatorI Anderson
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FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA531/1
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