Dogs: a story of our best friend (media release)

Tails are wagging over new South Australian Museum exhibition

They’ve been a huge part of our life since humans domesticated them over 10,000 years ago – some call them their best friends, others rely on them for daily tasks, but how much do we really know about dogs? The South Australian Museum will answer this question and so many more with its latest exhibition Dogs: a story of our best friend.

From the well-known like Lassie, to the more curious breeds, visitors will learn how dogs evolved from wolves to our playful pals.

South Australian Museum Curatorial Lead Dr Steve Donnellan said after nearly two years of research and planning he was really excited to share Dogs: a story of our best friend.

“The exhibition will explore the origins of dogs, how they got to Australia, the unique attributes that make them both appealing and useful to humans and the place dogs have in ancient and contemporary world cultures,” Professor Donnellan said.

“Visitors can look forward to learning about different breeds through a display of articulated dog skeletons that have been prepared by our taxidermist and hear firsthand experiences from dog owners through a series of short films,” Dr Donnellan explained.

“The overarching narrative is to explain why dogs are so important to humans and why our bonds can’t be compared with any other animal/human relationship. It’s unique and a bond to cherished,” Dr Donnellan said.

The exhibition will also include several digital interactives explaining the incredible variation in skull shape among dogs and tools for selecting the best dog to match your lifestyle.

And don’t fret, there’s fun for the little ones too - sit in the dog kennel, play with the puppy parade and crawl through the doggy door.

The South Australian Museum is also calling on the public to share photos of their furry friends on social media with the hashtag #SamsBestFriend. Keep an eye on the Museum’s social media channels for all the details.

The exhibition will be on at the South Australian Museum from Friday 29 November – Sunday 26 April. For ticket prices and further information click here.

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