South Australian reptile keys

South Australia has a rich diversity of reptile species, totalling approximately 245 species. “Approximately” because we are still discovering new species and reappraising the validity of others.

This process of discovery means that new names appear and old ones disappear as we get closer to understanding exactly how much diversity there is in the South Australian reptile fauna.

The information on this page is to help users identify all of the reptiles that have been recorded within the borders of South Australia. More information will be added and files will be regularly updated as new research results change what we know about these remarkable and beautiful animals.


Identification keys

Scientific keys work by asking a series of questions about the appearance of an animal or plant, each with two alternative answers. By following the choices, you work your way through the questions until you get the name of the species that best fits the features that the key asked you to check.

These keys for South Australian reptiles use, as far as possible, readily observed external features, but close examination may be necessary. Users of keys also need to bear in mind that individuals vary and some will differ in some respects from the norm for their species. Where identification might be tricky, we have tried to provide two or three features to check so that you can still have some chance of getting the right answer even if you have found an individual that is a bit out of the ordinary for its species.


Checklist and common names

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Freshwater turtles of South Australia

Marine reptiles in South Australian waters

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