Sprigg Q&A: Prof. Andy Austin and Dr Steve Donnellan

The biology of parasitic wasps, the most diverse group of animals on the planet

Join Dr Steve Donnellan, Head of Research and Collections at the South Australian Museum, for an online Q&A with Professor Andy Austin. Prof. Austin is Director of Australian Centre for Evolutionary Biology & Biodiversity at the University of Adelaide. He has 40 years' experience working on the systematics and biogeography of Australian terrestrial arthropods and has published extensively on insects, arachnids and crustaceans, having described over 450 species of insects and arachnids.

Parasitic wasps are the most species rich group of animals on the planet. They have evolved sophisticated methods of locating their hosts in the environment, and mechanisms for overcoming their hosts' defences.  As such, they are important in regulating arthropod populations and are extensively used as biological control agents of insect pests.  This talk explores these and other aspects of the life of parasitic wasps.

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