Sprigg Lecture: Becoming Balgo Art with Professor John Carty

Senior secondary

The South Australian Museum has been collecting Aboriginal art and material culture for over 150 years. Head of Humanities Professor John Carty talks about the recent acquisition of a collection of Balgo paintings from Western Australia, he also discusses The McMahon Collection and exhibition showcased currently at the South Australian Museum. John Carty reflects on the changing methods of collecting and curating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art for the SA Museum in this year’s Reconciliation Week Sprigg Lecture.

Curriculum links 

Cross-curriculum priority: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Culture.

Key concepts and organising ideas: Country/ Place, Culture and People.

Learning areas: Visual Arts, Ancient History, Aboriginal Studies.

Suggested activities

The SACE Board encourages teachers to include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and perspectives in senior secondary education. Stage 1 and 2 Visual Arts, Ancient History or Aboriginal Studies can broadly incorporate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Culture into their learning programs, whether it be for Personal Research Projects, contrasting culture and beliefs or unpacking cultural, racial or minority injustice.

This Sprigg lecture can be a starting point for Stage 1 and 2 students to explore community connections, research particular Aboriginal artists or Aboriginal art movements and learn about the rich cultural and spiritual connections Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have with Place and Country. The opportunities are endless depending on yours and your students’ needs and interests. Please continue to explore Balgo Art through the links below and through social media.



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