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The South Australian Museum is currently closed but we’re not taking a break from providing teachers and students with support. On this page you'll find many resources to help you with Earth science learning.

The Museum and the Department of Energy and Mining have a long and significant history in collaborating on STEM-based projects for the community that raise awareness of the importance of the State’s mineral resources, its geology and the opportunities this natural wealth creates.

Through the partnership, the Museum engages students in Earth and Geoscience Sciences across all year levels. The partnership continues to deliver the Department’s summer school for secondary students. It also ensures geoscience is included in the Museum’s April school holiday program and its remote APY Lands student program, and confirms the Department’s involvement in major events such as Fossil Fest 2020 and Science Alive.

A specialist professional development program for the state’s science teachers will be delivered, bolstering the Department’s commitment to encourage STEM learning and the Geoscience Pathways Project.

Ediacara fossil discovered in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia

Ediacara fossils eBook

Download our free eBook to help students from year six to year twelve discover the wonders of the oldest-known forms of complex life on Earth - Ediacara biota.

For educators

In line with Government advice, the South Australian Museum has cancelled all Museum education activities and is not able to take any education-related bookings at this time.

Request to join our mailing list to stay in touch and receive updates, and email us at if you have any non-booking related education enquiries.

We look forward to welcoming schools back to the Museum as soon as Government advice permits.

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