Year 5: Animal adaptations

This program encourages students to discuss the structural features and adaptations that living things have to help them survive in the environment. It is designed to encourage student collaboration and interaction.

The program requires students to be organised in collaborative groups of four (with some groups of three if necessary to balance numbers).

Program logistics

Please ensure you request this program when making your booking to ensure the booklets will be available for loan to your class during your visit.

Each group needs a set of booklets which will be at the security desk when your class arrives.

The booklets have information and questions on each page. However, each individual booklet has some missing sections. Group members must share information from their book with those group members who lack them, so that everyone has the facts and knows the questions.

Please ensure students have their own paper to write on and return the booklets to the security desk unmarked.

The files below are provided for your information. They contain a complete version of the texts so you can check that the concepts, vocabulary and other factors that are appropriate for your students. Remember, the version each student receives will have some missing information.


Year 5 Animal Adaptations: Arid booklet

Year 5 Animal Adaptations: Coastal booklet

Year 5 Animal Adaptations: Marine booklet

Year 5 Animal Adaptations: Temperate booklet

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