Baijungu (WA)

LocationOn Lower Lyndon and Minilya rivers. Southwest of the salt marshes to Quobba; east to Winning Pool; north to Giralia and Bullara but not to the seacoast and Exmouth peninsula. Von Brandenstein combines them with the Maia and thus includes in their territory country south to the Gascoyne River.
Co-ordinates114°5'E x 23°20'S
Area4,000 sq. m. (10,400 sq. km.)
References'Yabaroo,' 1899; Brown, 1912, 1913; Bates, 1914; Radcliffe-Brown, 1930; Connelly, 1932; Fowler, 1940; Tindale, 1940, 1953 MS, 1966 MS; Brandenstein, 1966 MS.
Alternative NamesBaijungo, Baiong (occasional variant), Baiung, Biong, Paiunggu, Bayungu.