Baraparapa (NSW)

LocationChiefly on southern tributaries of the Murrumbidgee River from above Hay, N.S.W., to Kerang, Vic.; at Cohuna, Gunbower, Brassi, Conargo, and across the river from Carrathool. Mathews, 1902 (Gr. 6487) may have transposed the positions of this tribe and the Wembawemba. In his 1904 paper he carries this tribal territory down river to Moulamein. He evidently worked with two separate hordes of this tribe. Beveridge (1884) lists his Boora Boora as though it was a tribe separate from this one.
Co-ordinates144°45'E x 35°20'S
Area3,600 sq. m. (9,400 sq. km.)
ReferencesEyre, 1844, 1845; Parker in Eyre, 1844; Robinson, 1846 MS; Beveridge, 1862, 1884; Ridley, 1875; Eyre in Smyth, 1878; Houston in Smyth, 1878; Cameron, 1885; Mickie and Sandy in Curr, 1887; Newland, 1889; Mathews, 1898 (Gr. 6468), 1902 (Gr. 6487), 1903 (Gr. 6548), 1904 (Gr. 6574); Tindale, 1940.
Alternative NamesBurrabura-ba, Baraba-baraba, Barraba-barraba, Bareber Bareber, Birraba-birraba, Burreba-burreba, Boora-birraba, Burrappa, Burrapper, Bureba, Burabura, Boora-boora, Burapper, Barappur, Karraba (typographical error), Boort (a place name), ['perapa] = [barapa] = no.