Beriguruk (NT)

LocationMary River, particularly on the eastern bank southward and inland from the mouth; they apparently did not go to the coastal marshes and beaches, which were in the territory of the Djerimanga. According to Annette Hamilton, the Rereri were perhaps the same people; their stated territory lay on the southeast corner of the area shown for this tribe. They are considered to be extinct.
Co-ordinates132°0'E x 12°35'S
Area500 sq. m. (1,300 sq. km.)
ReferencesParkhouse, 1895; Elkin, Berndt and Berndt, 1951; Capell, 1963; Hamilton, 1970 pers. comm.
Alternative NamesPerrigurruk, Eri, Erei, ? Rereri, Reveri (perhaps typographical error).