Djerimanga (NT)

LocationCoastal plain at mouth of Adelaide River; east to Mary River floodplains; originally south to Margaret River and first foothills of Ringwood Range; the Djowei moved west to take over their inland territory.
Co-ordinates131°25'E x 12°25'S
Area1,200 sq. m. (3,100 sq. km.)
ReferencesGoyder, 1869; Bennett, 1879; Todd and Anonymous in Curr, 1886; East, 1889; Parkhouse, 1894; Foelsche, 1895; Basedow, 1907, 1925; Eylmann, 1908; Giglioli, 1911; Dahl, 1926; Wilson, 1941 MS.
Alternative NamesDjeramanga, Jermangel, Waak (a valid alternative), Wulna, Woolna (place name), Woolnah, Woolner, Wulnar, Wolna, Woolner.
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