Djinang (NT)

LocationFrom the Crocodile Islands and Milingimbi south to the middle reaches of the Blyth River; east to Glyde Inlet and the true Glyde River which originates in the Arafura Swamp; their territory touches only the northern edge of this great swamp.
Co-ordinates134°50'E x 12°20'S
Area700 sq. m. (1,800 sq. km.)
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Alternative NamesJandjinang (valid alternative, with prefix), Jandjinung, Yandjinung, Yandjinning, Yandjinang, Djinnang, Djinhang, Milingimbi (place name), Millingimbi, Wulllakki, Wulaki, Ullaki, Wulagi, Balmbi (group term), Balmawi, Barlmawi, Manjarngi (clan name), Manyarrngi, Munnarngo, Manarrngu.