Gunavidji (NT)

LocationAt Maningrida; along the valley of Liverpool River to limit of tidal waters; east to entry of Tomkinson River into mangrove swamps. They do not practice circumcision, being the easternmost Northern Territory group of those not practicing the rite.
Co-ordinates134°10'E x 12°10'S
Area500 sq. m. (1,300 sq. km.)
ReferencesRadcliffe-Brown, 1930; Capell, 1940, 1942; Berndt and Berndt, 1951, 1964; Hiatt, 1958 MS, 1961 MS; C. Berndt, 1965; Hamilton, 1970 pers. comm.; Jennison MS. (Other references may be found under Gunwinggu.)
Alternative NamesGunaviji, Gunawitji, Gunabidji, Gunabwidji, Gunjibidji, Witji.