Jagalingu (QLD)

LocationHeadwaters of Belyando River south to Avoca; north to about Laglan; west to Dividing Range; east and south to 169 Drummond Range. Howitt's 1904 sketch map indicates that his attribution of 'Wakelbara' in his text to 'West of the Great Dividing Range' was a slip for 'east.' Wakelbara may be a horde of the Mian rather than the Jagalingu tribe and placed too far south by Howitt.
Co-ordinates146°40'E x 23°20'S
Area8,000 sq. m. (20,800 sq. km.)
ReferencesHowitt, 1884, 1889, 1904; Chatfield in Curr, 1886; Lowe in Curr, 1887; Muirhead in Curr, 1887; Mathews, 1895 (Gr. 6475), 1898 (Gr. 6464); Tindale, 1940.
Alternative NamesWakelbara (a northern horde name, near Laglan arbitrarily adopted as the tribal name by Howitt; ['wakel] = eel), Kokleburra (another horde), Owanburra = Kowanburra (a horde on upper Belyando River), Auanbura (same horde).