'Journal of Visit to the Gulf of Carpentaria by Norman B Tindale. 1963.'

Archive Collections / Dr Norman Barnett Tindale / Series AA338/01 / 'Journal of Visit to the Gulf of Carpentaria by Norman B Tindale. 1963.'
Board for Anthropological Research Expedition AM

The journal is handwritten with annotations. Journal entries are on the right-hand page, leaving the left for annotations, drawings etc. Pages 130a, 244a, 274a and 507a have been added. The journal includes a contents list and a detailed index (pages 639-74). The expedition dates were from 24 April to 30 July 1963 (pages 37-585), although Tindale departed from Doomadgee on 19th July (page 547), undertaking research at Palm Island, Qeensland from 22 to 25 July (pages 557-577).

This journal includes the following:

  • printed and hand-drawn maps

  • correspondence

  • a 1964 cutting from 'Panorama' entitled 'Flood Waters Ravage'

  • sketches

  • drawings of specimens and documentation

  • songs

  • vocabulary

  • place names

  • newspaper clippings

  • social organisation data

  • black and white photographs

  • 'Appendix A - List of Blood Samples gathered during the Gulf of Carpentaria Expedition [AM] 1 May 1963 to 1 August 1963 by NB Tindale and PF Aitken'

  • 'Appendix C - Birth Register Mornington Island' 1960-63

  • 1962 reprint entitled 'A Blood Group Genetical Survey in Australian Aborigines of Bentinck, Mornington and Forsyth Islands, Gulf of Carpentaria'

  • a review of 'The Sweetness of the Fig - Aboriginal Women in Transition' by Virginia Huffer with Elsie Roughsey

  • 'Rough Notes on Tapes'

Vocabularies relating to this expedition are found in Tindale's 'Queensland Vocabularies, 1960 - 63' (see AA 338/8/19). There are also numerous vocabulary items and phrases scattered through the text of the expedition journal.

The expedition party comprised Peter Aitken (mammalogist, South Australian Museum) and Norman Barnett Tindale.

Tindale Tribes: Araba; Alawa; Barbaram; Dalla; Djankun; Djiru; Djirubal; Ewamin; Gambalang; Idindji; Iliaura; Iningai; Jagalingu; Janggal; Janjula; Jirjoront; Jokula; Julaolinja; Kaiadilt; Kalibamu; Karawa; Kareldi; Keramai; Koa; Kokangol; Kokopera; Kareldi; Kotandji; Kukatja (NT); Kunggara; Lardiil; Madjandji; Maijabi; Maikudunu; Maikulan; Maithakari; Mingin; Ngatjan; Ngaun; Ngoborindi; Ngundjan; Pitjandjara; Pitjara; Tagalag; Taior; Wadjabangai; Wakabunga; Wakaja; Wakaman; Walangama; Wambaia; Wanamara; Wanji; Wikmunkan; Winduwinda.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/1/25
Date Range24 April, 1963  -  30 July, 1963
Quantity 6cm,   1   buckram bound volume, 21.2x26.2 cm, 702 pages with 2 inserts
FormatsNewspaper Clippings, Newspaper Clippings, General Correspondence, Maps, Loose Photographic Prints, Photocopied Documents, Drawings, Sketches, Indexes
Series AA338/01