Koreng (WA)

LocationFrom Gairdner River to Pallinup (Salt) River; at Bremer Bay; inland to Jeramungup, Pingrup, Nampup (= Nyabing), Badgebup, and Kibbleup near Broome Hill; south to Stirling Range; at Gnowangerup and Ongerup; west to Cranbrook and Tambellup but not originally at Kojonup or Qualeup; they moved west in earliest settlement times under pressure from Wudjari. Northern limit marked by change of termination of place names from [-up] to [-ing]; border place names have alternative versions. The Hassell manuscript summarized by Davidson has much data about this tribe included under the tribal name Wheelman (i.e., Wiilman of this work).
Co-ordinates118°30'E x 34°0'S
Area6,000 sq. m. (15,600 sq. km.)
ReferencesNind, 1831; Chester in Curr, 1886; Goldsworthy in Curr, 1886; Graham in Curr, 1886 (vocabulary 23); Bates, 1915; Tindale, 1940, 1966 MS; Hassell, MS (part); P.L.W.A. MS doc. 436.
Alternative NamesKo:rengi (valid alternative), Kuriny, Corine, Cororan, Bremer Bay tribe, Warangu, Warrangoo, Warranger, Warrangle, Kojonup and Stirling tribe, Mongup (place name), Kokar (basic meaning 'east'), Kaialiwongi (['kaiali] = north, name applied to language by the Minang).