Maranganji (QLD)

LocationQuilpie to Cheepie and Beechal, thence Paroo River to Eulo; on Bulloo River south to near Thargomindah; at Dynevor Downs and Ardoch. They did not practice the male rite of circumcision.
Co-ordinates144°35'E x 27°20'S
Area810 sq. m. (2,100 sq. km.)
ReferencesMyles in Curr, 1886; Mathews, 1898 (Gr. 6444); Kelly, 1935; Tindale, 1940; Durack, 1959; Breen, 1969 MS.
Alternative NamesMarukanji (valid alternative), Marganj, Marnganji (typographical error), Murngain, Murgoin, Murgoan.