Mutumui (QLD)

LocationFrom Bathurst Bay and Cape Melville south to near Starcke River; at Barrow Point and Jeannie River. The name of their language is Eibole, and there is a dialect called Ongwara in the north of the area.
Co-ordinates144°35'E x 14°35'S
Area1,000 sq. m. (2,600 sq. km.)
ReferencesHale and Tindale, 1933; Davidson, 1938; Tindale, 1940 and MS; West, pers. comm.
Alternative NamesMutumi, Baulam (Bakanambia term), Basthom (Bakanambia variation seemingly by individual with cleft palate), Karbungga (name, probably hordal, at Jeannie River), Eibole (language name), Ongwara (name of a dialect, means 'northern talk'), Jugaiwatha, Mbambylmu (horde or subtribe at Jack River).