'Norman B. Tindale. Barrinean Journal 1938 and Visit to Palm Island 1963.'

Archive Collections / Dr Norman Barnett Tindale / Series AA338/01 / 'Norman B. Tindale. Barrinean Journal 1938 and Visit to Palm Island 1963.'

This volume is a bound copy of pages 298 to 663 of the Harvard and Adelaide Universities expedition journal, Volume 1, (AA 338/1/15/1), pages 556-583 of the 'Journal of Visit to the Gulf of Carpentaria' (AA 338/1/25) and supplementary papers.

The Harvard and Adelaide Universities expedition journal extract includes the following:

  • Tindale's encounter with people he describes as negrito and pygmoid

  • leprosy

  • drawings and documentation of specimens A27336-42, A27354-6, A27358-60, A27362, A27371-4, A27376-9, A27383-6, A27390-4, A27397, A27399-406, A27409-12, A27417, A 27425-6, A27437-9, A27441-2, A27465-8, A27470, A27472, A27474-8, A27454-55 and A27524

  • corroboree descriptions

  • social organisation

  • collection of vocabularies

  • ritual spearings and weapon descriptions

  • story recordings including 'The Ghost in the Spring at Wombon', 'The two ghosts of Mumulakan', 'Idindji Story of Damari and Kambulkuman', 'The Giant Mud Cod of Bak:I', 'The Canoe man who came to Kaika', 'The blind shark of Kappa Creek', 'The Indindji story of Koel and Damari', 'Story of Danba: and his wife'

  • information relating to baskets and basket making

  • Tja:pukai and Muluritji burial methods

  • quartz crystal magic

  • typescript carbon copy of station records including Mona Mona, Palm Island and Yarrabah

  • Ba:baram Initiation and marriage

  • forest food

  • purchase of a series of photographs taken by A Atkinson about 1890-1900 of Aboriginal people in the Cairns district

  • Idindji inheritance

  • a typescript carbon copy of a letter from Constable CJ Smith to Norman B Tindale relating to Aboriginal people in the Millaa Millaa District

  • cannibalism

  • 'Koko Imudji Crocodile Ceremony'

  • notes on the story of the moon

  • mission life

  • fish hooks

  • stone implements

  • navel strings

  • trade

  • totems and names

  • Idindji initiation and marriage

  • pasted printed maps with annotations

  • informant information

  • flora sample obtained from a Maikulun man used for medicinal purposes

  • punishment

  • Kunggara and Karawa initiation

  • hand-drawn maps

The Gulf of Carpentaria journal extract includes the following song recordings:
  • 2 Kokolo songs (songs for the enjoyment of singing and not dancing) by Tommy of the Keramai, called 'Carpet Snake' and 'Thunderstorm', and a song about cutting railway sleepers for the railway line

  • Mitchell Dodd sung a dancing song about the emu feeding and running away, a devil song, and the Clillogie song of the Wakaman

  • Harry Gordonvale sung the song about the sky and one about the crocodile

  • George Watson sung a dance song, the ghost song, a love song

  • Pompey Clump Point sung a dancing song to do with shoals of mullet in the sea

Bound supplementary papers include:
  • a copy of a newspaper clipping entitled: 'The Little People of our Rain Forests, June 1962, and a carbon copy of a typescript article entitled 'The Little People of the Australian Rain Forest' dated July 1962

  • three loose items include a black and white photograph of Busnya Pines from the Bunja Mountains Queensland, taken by Tindale in December 1938, a copy of typescript extracts from an article by Mr Charles Hedley entitled: 'A New Native Tribe Discovered', dated 1903, and a letter from Tindale to Henrietta Fourmile granting permission to use the Yarrabah genealogies, dated 16 March 1986

During that time Tindale also gathered social organisations and vocabularies, recorded a story by George Watson regarding the origin of the first baby, and collected butterflies.

The journal relates to places visited in north Queensland, in particular Innisfail, Mona Mona, Lake Barrine, Cairns, Yarrabah, Oombundgie, Fraser Island, Palm Island Magnetic Island and Townsville.

Tindale Tribes: Ankamuti; Bakanambia; Bandjin; Barara; Barbaram; Batjala; Buluwai; Djankun; Djirubal; Ewamin; Gambalang; Gia; Gulngai; Idindji; Irukandji; Jalanga; Jangga; Jiman; Juru; Kabikabi; Kalali; Kalkadunga; Kandju; Kangulu; Karawa; Kawadji; Keramai; Koa; Kokobididji; Kokobujundji; Kokoimudji; Kokojawa; Kokojelandji; Kokokulunggur; Kokomini; Kokopatun; Kokopera; Kokowara; Kongkandji; Kotandji; Kukatja (NT); Kunggara; Kunggari; Kutjal; Lardiil; Maijabi; Maikudunu; Maikulan; Mamu; Mingin; Mitaka; Muluridji; Mutumui; Nawagi; Ngaro; Ngatjan; Ngaun; Ngundjan; Olkolo; Ombila; Pakadji; Pitjandjara; Ringaringa; Tagalag; Tjapukai; Wakaman; Walangama; Walmbaria; Waluwara; Wangan; Wanji; Wanjuru; Warakamai; Warungu; Weraerai; Widi; Wik-kalkan; Wikmunkan; Wulgurukaba; Winduwinda.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/1/37
Date Range1938  -  1963
Quantity 6.8cm,   1   buckram bound journal, 26.5x22.5cm, 3 loose items
FormatsGeneral Correspondence, Loose Photographic Prints, Photocopied Documents, Loose Notes
Series AA338/01