Ngurelban (VIC)

LocationAlong the Campaspie River, extending north to near Echuca; western boundary not well known, probably no farther than Gunbower; from Tatura south along the Goulbourn River to Old Crossing (Mitchellstown) north of Seymour. The northwestern horde, Pimpandoor, stood rather apart and contended with others of the tribe.
Co-ordinates144°45'E x 36°40'S
Area3,000 sq. m. (7,800 sq. km.)
ReferencesGreat Britain, House of Commons, 1844; Tuckfield, 1844; Eyre, 1845; Eyre in Smyth, 1878; Curr, 1887; Le Souef in Curr, 1887; Howitt, 1904; Dredge in Parris, 1950; A. A. C. Le Souef MS in possession of J. C. LeSouef; Tindale, MS.
Alternative NamesGunn-el-ban, Gnurellean, Nouralung-bula, Mouralung-bula (probably typographical error), Nguralung-bula, Noorillim, Ngooraialum (northern horde), Ngurilim, Ooraialum (tone deaf to initial ng), Oorilim, Woo-ral-lim, Oorallim, 3 Panyool, Paboinboolok (horde at Lake Cooper), Pimpandoor (horde at Colbinabbin), Panpandoor.