NB Tindale's 'rough analysis'

Relates to: 'Harvard and Adelaide Universities Anthropological Expedition, Australia, 1938-1939. Journal and notes by Norman B. Tindale. I.' (AA 338/1/15/1)

This item comprises a comparison of Tindale's naming of Taungurong, Ngurelban, Wurundjeri, Pangerang and Kwatkwat in Victoria with those of Edward Micklethaite Curr, Alfred William Howitt and Br Smyth; Tindale’s notes on the distribution of the Pangkala in South Australia; and comparison of Tindale's spelling of 24 'tribes' from Northern Territory with those of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torren Strait Islanders Studies). Tindale makes reference to p164 his Harvard and Adelaide Universities expedition journal on his Pangkala notes.

Relates to Victoria, South Australia and Northern Territory: Taungurong (Taungurong), Ngurelban (Ngurelban), Wurundjeri (Wurundjeri) and Pangerang (Pangerang) from VIC; Pangkala (Pangkala) from SA and Murinbata (Murinbata), Muringa/Muringar (Maringar and Magatige), Murintjaran (Maridjabin), Muringura (Muringura), Djamadjong (Djamindjung), Maridan (Maridan), Mariam (Mariamo), Marijedi (Marijedi), Marithiel (Marithiel), Marinunggo (Marinunggo), Marimanindji (Marimanindji), Madngela (Madngela), Yunggor (Junggor), Menthajangal (Menthajangal), Amijangal/Wogait (Wogait), Pongaponga (Pongaponga), Mullukmulluk (Ngolokwangga), Kamor (Kamor), Wagaman (Wagoman), Nangiomeri (Nanggumiri), Djerait (Djerait) and Kungarakan (Kungarakan) in the NT.

Tindale Tribes: Taungurong; Ngurelban; Wurundjeri; Pangerang; Pangkala; Murinbata; Maringar; Magatige; Maridjabin; Muringura; Djamindjung; Maridan; Mariamo; Marijedi; Marithiel; Marinunggo; Marimanindji; Madngela; Junggor; Menthajangal; Wogait; Pongaponga; Ngolokwangga; Kamor; Wagoman; Nanggumiri; Djerait; Kungarakan.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
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Date Range01 May, 1969  -  01 May, 1969
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