Njakinjaki (WA)

LocationEast of Lake Grace; at Newdegate, Mount Stirling, Bruce Rock, Kellerberrin, and Merredin; west to Jitarning; south to Lake King, and Mount Madden; east to near Lake Hope and Mount Holland. They were known to the southern tribes as Njagi and were said to be a naked people with an unintelligible language, in contrast with the skin-cloak-using coastal people who spoke 'properly,' i.e., as did other southwestern people. The term Mudila (Mudilja, Mudi:a) was applied by the Kalamaia to this and to other southwestern tribes not practicing the rites of circumcision and subincision; it had a derogatory meaning.
Co-ordinates118°40'E x 32°30'S
Area12,000 sq. m. (31,200 sq. km.)
ReferencesGoldsworthy in Curr, 1886; Graham in Curr, 1886; Hassell, 1936; Tindale, 1940, 1966 MS, 1968 MS; Anon., P.L.W.A. MS doc. 436.
Alternative NamesNjagi (valid alternative), Njagiman (of Njungar), Kokar (['koka:r] = east), Karkar, Kar Kar, Kikkar, 'Eastward tribe,' Punuatch (a place name Punuatj, now Bun-iche), Punwatch (in MS).