Tatitati (VIC)

LocationFrom 8 miles (13 km.) below Euston to 15 miles (25 km.) above Murrumbidgee junction chiefly on southern bank of the Murray River but extending north to Benanee. Smyth on his map apparently transposed this name with his 'Litchy-Litchy' (i.e., Latjilatji). Cameron (1885) indicated the tribe as principally on the northern side of the river; other information places them only on the southern bank. Robinson in 1846 encountered them at Lake Benanee (Benearne). Richardson, perhaps following Smyth, lists them as near Lake Victoria which seems to be too far downriver.
Co-ordinates142°55'E x 34°45'S
Area900 sq. m. (2,300 sq. km.)
ReferencesGreat Britain, House of Commons Paper, 1844; Eyre, 1845; Robinson, 1846 MS; Beveridge, 1862, 1884; Smyth, 1878; Cameron in Howitt, 1884, 1904; Cameron, 1885; Fraser in Threlkeld, 1892; Mathews, 1898 (Gr. 6464); Richardson, 1899; Howitt, 1904; Tindale, 1940; Donaldson, 1956 MS.
Alternative NamesTunggut (valid alternative), Tataty (['ta:ti] = no), Tatatha, Tat(h)i, Ta-ta-thi, Tar-tarthee, Ta-tathi, Taa-tatty, Darty-Darty, Nimp-mam-wern (lit. Light lip).