'Journal of Researches in the South East of S. Australia by Norman B. Tindale. Volume 1. 1931-1934 with some earlier notes copied in'.

Archive Collections / Dr Norman Barnett Tindale / Series AA338/01 / 'Journal of Researches in the South East of S. Australia by Norman B. Tindale. Volume 1. 1931-1934 with some earlier notes copied in'.

This is the first of a three-volume compilation of journal entries from expeditions to the South-East of South Australia by Tindale, together with a range of other original and copied data relating to this subject. The entries are handwritten leaving 126 pages blank for an index which was in preparation at the time of binding. Pages 2a and 3a have been included and page numbering jumps from 51 to 53. The volume is introduced by a contents list.

This journal is a compilation of data relating to the following short expeditions undertaken by Tindale:

  • 'Visit to Tantanoola Caves with HM Hale [see AA 124] and H Condon'. Includes hand-drawn maps, list of fauna collected at Lake Eliza, string games, list of mammal remains, 22 May-4 June 1931 (pages 1-44), photographs (pages 101-107) and newspaper clippings (pages 108-109)

  • 'Point McLeay visit including some names of Aboriginal people taken from the register', number of births from 1857-1894, notes from Clarence Long on baskets, shields, social organisation, stone axes, rafts and canoes, hunting territories, fish traps, and vocabulary. Vocabulary includes: a few words of Tuop (Jitojito) and Tungngut (Tatitati) (page 48) and 'Short Vocabulary of Taŋanekalde' (approximately 100 words, pages 75-78). List of surviving SE people, and report, 6-11 June 1931, 7 July 1931 and 1935 (pages 45-81, 151-172, 174)

  • 'Notes and drawing of a Naracoorte hammerstone', c. March 1932 (page 82);

  • 'Notes on South East items' (page 83)

  • 'Notes from Ethel Watson of Meitangk tribe', 10 September 1930 (pages 84-91). Includes approximately 37 Meintangk words, 14 words of the 'Kingston Tribe' and 3 words of the 'Coorong language'

  • 'Notes from Amy Gibson', 20 September 1931 (page 91)

  • 'Notes from David Unaipon', 1 November 1931 (pages 92-93)

  • News clipping relating to 'Punjil's Knife', 1925 (page 94)

  • News clipping relating to 'Millicent - Years Ago', 1932 (pages 95-98)

  • 'Notes on the Rendelsham Site Found by HL Sheard' (see AA 290), 1932 (page 99)

  • 'Notes from H Lindsay' (page 100)

  • Newspaper clippings relating to Beachport and Milerum, 1932 (page 110)

  • 'Visit to South-East, Easter 1932 with Dr Thomas Draper Campbell [see AA 52], Dr Henry Kenneth Fry [see AA 105] and Mr Symons' (pages 111-117)

  • 'Notes from Milerum', 1932 (pages 118-148). Includes place names for parts of the Coorong, the 'Story of Prupe and Koromarange', the 'Story of Peindjali (the Emu) and Porolge (the native companion)', 'Notes for a Tangane Grammar', and a Tangane vocabulary. The latter includes Tangane (approximately 460), Tatiara (approximately 9), Yaralde (11), Potaruwutj (approximately 40) words

  • 'Trip to Taratap, 1933-1934' (pages 148-150), photographs (pages 175, 192-203)

  • Newspaper clipping relating to Tommy McCrae, 1927 (pages 173, 177)

  • 'RT Sweetman's Aboriginal nomenclature' (10 place names, page 176)

  • Series of newspaper clippings on the Coorong, 1936 (pages 178-184, 204-206)

  • 'Ngurunderi', 1933 (pages 185-186)

  • 'Ramindjeri and death' (page 187)

  • 'Photograph and notes on the last group of Aboriginal people residing near Adelaide, Glenelg. Negative supplied by Mrs NE Waters, 1929' (page 188)

  • 'Clan and Tribal names in SAM records' (page 189)

  • 'First meeting with Karlowan, 1935' (page 189)

  • 'Purchases from Milerum, 1935' (page 190)

  • 'Summary of the fur seal story' (page 191)

  • 'Jarildekald version of the Emu and Brolga story obtained from Mark Wilson, 1936' (in English, pages 207-211)

  • 'Waijungari story, 1940' (pages 211-219, 221-222)

  • 'Panggelinjeri story' (page 220)

  • 'The status of Weyaweyangi, an old man who lived when Clarence Long was a boy' from Milerum (pages 223-225)

  • 'Preparation and use of the Potaruwutj pointing bone, karkamb, 1932' (pages 226-227)

  • 'A sinister being who may assumed form of ngaitje (totem animal)' (pages 228-229)

  • 'Dreams' (page 230)

  • 'Taste' (page 231)

  • 'Notes on Tangane's remedy for toothache, smallpox epidemic and a game' (pages 232-233)

  • Text versions of 19 songs recorded by Prof. Edward Harold Davies (see AA 70) and Tindale, sung by Milerum, 1932 (pages 235-260)

  • Appendix - reprint of the 'Tantanoola Caves, South-East of South Australia: Geological and Physiographical notes' by Tindale, 1933

Tindale Tribes: Bunganditj; Jarildekald; Jitajita; Maraura; Meintangk; Ngarkat; Ngawait; Ngemba; Potaruwutj; Ramindjeri; Tanganekald; Tatitati.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/1/33/1
Date Range1931  -  1934
Quantity 3.7cm,   1   buckram bound volume, 21.8x26.9cm, 374 pages
FormatsNewspaper Clippings, General Correspondence, Maps, Loose Photographic Prints, Drawings
Series AA338/01